TriPollar RF Technology

Cellulite Reduction and Body Re-Modeling

Want smooth, lean thighs and firm buttocks? RF technology smoothes and tightens your skin immediately. Don’t be surprised if you walk out our doors a different person!

TriPollar, exclusively powered by tri-polar radio frequency, effectively treats cellulite at the root of the problem. This remarkable technology will eliminate and smooth cellulite dimples in just few treatments, remodel and melt away stubborn fat tissue, as well as decrease tummy fat deposits.

Melt Away Stubborn Fat With TriPollar

The unique TriPollar configuration selectively heats the fat cells under the skin without adversely affecting surrounding tissue. This increases patient’s metabolism, liquifies fat deposits and elimintes them from the body. By combining dual effects of uni-polar and bi-polar radio frequency in one applicator, both deep and superficial fat is heated safely and effectively.

How Many TriPollar Sessions are Needed and How Long Does it Take?

  • Typical treatment course consists of 6 weekly sessions
  • Each session takes between 20-45 minutes and patients find it gentle and pleasant experience
  • It requires no downtime. Simple walk-in and walk-out procedure
  • Maintenance sessions should be done every 2-3 months

What Results Does TriPollar Give?

Using very little energy, TriPollar painlessly begins to smooth and tighten your skin immediately. Tighter skin can be seen even after only one treatment.

  • Clinically proven to regenerate collagen, TriPollar will tone the skin and improve skin texture in all skin types and all areas in the body – Sagging arms, inner thighs, tummy, neck etc.
  • Simultaneous fat melting and collagen tightening makes this treatment very effective in creating smooth, lean and firm skin appearance on thighs, buttocks, arms and tummy.