Ultrasonic Cavitation

Cavitation Treatment

Wouldn’t you like to blast those fat cells out? Put some dynamite under that adipose tissue and make them gone for good, gently and painlessly!

Cavitation is a safe and effective method for destroying adipose cells in localized fat areas usually called stubborn fat, love handles, stubborn belly, saddle bags etc. It is a totally painless, non-invasive and effective treatment for body reshaping.

How Does Cavitation Work?

The Cavitation method uses ultrasound waves that produce alternating compression and decompression on fat cells, causing them to implode and then liquefied and eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary system. Fat cells are not elastic. Due to their size and constitution, they are easily eliminated by the gentle touch of Cavitation waves. The system does not damage blood vessels or adjacent lymphatic vessels because of their difference in consistency and elasticity. This is why it is effective in all areas including areas which are difficult to reduce by diet or exercise.

It is body sculpting with no anaesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no down-time and presents a risk-free alternative to liposuction. Durable slimming results are visible after a single treatment, while further treatments deliver additional reductions in circumference. The results are remarkable.

Cavitation Technology

Our clients are constantly expecting new products and treatments in order to look better. Cavitation best satisfies these expectations due to its effective, safe and convenient application. Without a doubt, it is the best non-surgical alternative and/or compliment to Liposuction.

Our machines are among the most advanced cavitation devices in the world for non-invasive cellulite removal and fat reduction. It performs outstanding results with powerful probes that are very safe yet effective. Results are permanent and can be seen even after the first treatment.


With the proper training, instruction and technique the results attained on clients are not only loss of cm’s same day but an instant feeling of skin tightening and immediate loss of wrinkling on the skin. Our team will train your staff and also provide technical support so your team not only will have one of the best, most powerful machines on the market but also be trained in the top developed protocols and techniques. This combination allows you to succeed, attain the best results and maintain a high standard of equipment and quality of treatments.

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