CryoSculpt Body Contouring​ uses a mobile handle to apply cold temperatures to the skin. Cold temperatures can safely destroy fat cells, and tighten skin by helping to rebuild your body’s own collagen.

The machine we use is called Cryo21, and it’s technology developed in Italy. These beautifying treatments have been used in Europe for over a decade, and are safe, convenient and effective.

Our Most Popular Treatments

Fat Reduction
Wish there was an easier way to target stubborn fat? You are not alone! Many people need a little extra help when it comes to getting the body you desire. Cryo fat reduction (aka cryo slimming) treatments can help your body get rid of unwanted fat cells in a targeted area.
Whether you are:

  • a mom who wants your pre-baby body back and are looking to improve the appearance of stretch marks,
  • a body builder who can’t seem to target that lower back or thigh fat
  • just need an extra boost to help you reach your fitness goals
  • looking for help to shrink post surgical fat bulges and help with scar healing

It’s easy to see how our non-invasive, no downtime cryotherapy treatments are the best solution.

Skin Tightening
You might not have noticed but no matter how much you work out, or how healthy you eat, it’s nearly impossible to tighten loose and sagging skin. Skin laxity sometimes needs a little extra help, that’s where cryo comes in. 
Whether you need a tighter, smoother tummy and reduced stretch marks post child birth, want to reverse the appearance of aging on arms and thighs, or are looking for a non-invasive, all natural way to maintain your youthful look, we can help. Cryo stimulates micro-circulation in the skin – rebuilding your body’s own collagen – and tightens the tissues through skin contraction. Increased circulation also facilitates skin healing. The result is stronger, tighter, healthier and more youthful skin over time.
Fat Reduction
Skin Tightening

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