21st Jul 2020
Redustim SP
5th Aug 2020
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A real alternative to aesthetic surgery, Cosmosoft devices guarantee to refine the figure effectively and for a long term. Clinically proven, BioStimology® is the only technology able to reduce visceral and subcutaneous fat at the same time. It promises pain-free results and contributes to the brand’s growing reputation.

With 15 years of experience, Cosmosoft is today the world leader in low frequency alternating bioenergetic fields. BioStimology® mode of action activates the breakdown of adipose cells (triglyceride hydrolysis), releasing energy and consuming fatty acids without leaving any metabolic waste other than water and carbonic gas. This technology is called “BioStimology®”: “Bio” to convey the natural, biological effect of the bioenergetic field on the body, and “Stimology” in reference to the cell stimulation technology which causes the lipolysis of fats.

Many studies have been carried out proving that BioStimology® allowed a refinement of the silhouette (-6.5 cm* waistline on average).

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Thanks to bioenergetic fields that naturally activate lipolysis with release and consumption of fatty acids through insensitive muscle contraction (smooth muscles).


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