Exciting Opportunity

Laser Aesthetics South Africa , will empower you to become part of the fastest growing industry,

Laser Aesthetics South Africa is a well-established and award winning distributor in the Medical, Aesthetic & Beauty industry. Thanks to the constant development of new techniques & technology that have made Laser Aesthetics South Africa one of the leaders in the Medical, Aesthetic and beauty industry.We have achieved this goal by working on all fronts and by pinpointing an innovative offer system for ensuring the success of its distributors and physicians. The service leadership that Laser Aesthetics South Africa has built up over the years ensures the creation of positive effects for all of the company’s clientele, local partners, physicians and patients.

Financially rewarding business opportunities.
We offer a variety of business investment packages , enabling you to set up a new beauty establishment, or to empower your existing salon’s products or services portfolio. Service, visionary thinking, quality management and the competence of our staff are the backbone of our business and the basis for its strategic alignment. Our business modules have a proven track record of being successfully implemented and proven excellent growth.

We are consistently taking up the challenges and demands with regards to product quality , safety and flexibility, thus ensuring our customers and us a leading position in the market.

*All options can be upgraded to match your changing needs.