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The PicoStar is using the most modern technology for the removal of tattoos, pigmented lesions and permanent makeup. Thanks to the highest energy and shortest pulses the treatment with the PicoStar is fast, gentle, mostly bloodless and does not leave any scars.


Nd: YAG dual wavelength (1064/532nm)

Two wavelengths give physicians the flexibility to adapt treatments precisely to the patient’s needs and to a wide range of pigment colours (from darker colours to blue and red).

Highest energy and shortest pulses

The PicoStar uses the latest technology with the highest power to generate pulses below 300 ps for the most effective treatment of pigments and multi-coloured tattoos. The system can operate for a long duration with high speed and without the need of pre-pulses for the user. This makes it one of the fastest and most reliable PICO systems on the market. The ultra-short pulses allow bursting the pigment particles without any thermal side effects or scars. This increases patient comfort and providing greater flexibility and efficiency.

Zoom handpiece with different spot sizes

The PicoStar has an ergonomic, thin and light zoom handpiece. It is made of stainless steel for easy handling and cleaning. Thanks to a rotating ring on the handpiece, the spot size can be adjusted without changing the handpiece or tip. This offers you the flexibility to work on both larger and smaller areas with the maximum degree of precision.

Uniform beam profile and automatic spot detection

A special lens system creates a uniform spot without “hot spots” by distributing the laser energy in a perfect way. This results in less pain and lower bleeding levels. The shape of the spot is designed to guarantee the optimum coverage of the treatment area with greater efficiency. The zoom handpiece with automatic spot detection allows flexible and easy adjustment for all applications and body regions. This ensures fast, safe and efficient treatment with a convincing result.

Touchscreen and user-friendly interface

The PicoStar features a large, clear, sharp and easy to use 10.1” LCD with touchscreen. It has been completely redesigned and adapted to the needs of the user. The menu is suitable for both beginners and experts. The large buttons and icons offer good detectability, and the dark background delivers a higher contrast and colour brilliance. There is a clear highlighting of active elements through size and colour change. Beginners can choose the indication, and have the corresponding parameters set automatically. Professional users can go directly into the work screen with all parameter settings, for a fast and effective treatment.



The PicoStar can be upgraded with the following optional items:

FLAT-TOP PERFORMANCE 1064 Set: Handpiece set for highest standards

The new “FLAT-TOP PERFORMANCE 1064” handpiece set makes treatment possible with an extremely homogeneous, round spot with a wavelength of 1064 nm. This set contains the handpiece’s main body, two handpiece tips (10 or 16 mm Ø) and their respective spacers. Tip changing is really easy and thanks to automatic spot recognition, the user gets full control and guaranteed safety during the treatments.
This handpiece can be used for many different dermatological and aesthetic procedures. It’s 16 mm diameter offers the largest spot size of any Picolaser on the market and is manufactured to the highest standards regarding quality and application.

FLAT-TOP PERFORMANCE 532 Set: Handpiece set for highest standards

The new “FLAT-TOP PERFORMANCE 532“ handpiece set includes the handpiece’s main body, two handpiece tips and their respective spacers. The operator can work with an extremely homogeneous round spot of 3 or 5 mm Ø with a wavelength of 532 nm. Tip changing is really easy and thanks to automatic spot recognition, the user gets full control and guaranteed safety during the treatments.
This handpiece can be used for many different dermatological and aesthetic procedures such as pigment or tattoo removal and more.

MicroSpot PICO handpiece: Fractional treatments with an innovative technique

The new MicroSpot PICO handpiece for the PicoStar by Asclepion pushes fractional treatments to a higher level: The user can offer fractional treatments with a wavelength of 1064 nm delivering 64 individual spots on a 7×7 mm2 area. The spots are truly homogeneous thanks to the integrated DOE, which makes it the ideal choice for this kind of treatment.
This set offers the diversity which is needed nowadays considering the higher demands when customers ask for laser treatments.

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