CRYO Sheer aqua

Why cryo Sheer AQUA?

The high performance Diode technology of the Cryo Sheer Aqua is characterised by efficiency and versatility.

Triple wavelength combination laser is a comparatively newer addition in the armamentarium for hair removal.

Absorption, penetration and coverage are important aspects while removing hairs using laser therapy. This laser offers sufficient wavelength for hair removal. The principle for the use of triple wavelength lasers is “the more the better.” The combination of three wavelengths is expected to provide better results than one wavelength lasers in less time. Triple diode laser technology offers an integrated solution to clinicians while using laser. This new laser provides benefits of three different wavelengths in a single device. The handpiece of this laser device reaches different depths within the hair follicle. The use of three different wavelengths together may provide beneficial results on these parameters. Clinician’s comfort and convenience are also not compromised while using triple layer diode laser for hair removal. Thus, triple wavelength diode lasers may be a comprehensive option for hair removal.

This laser may be specifically beneficial to skin type 1 to Skin type 6. With its multi wave penetration feature, it works well on all areas including deeply embedded areas like the scalp, armpits, and pubic areas.

The Cryo Sheer Aqua is brilliant as it is so comfortable. It is one of the safest lasers in the world. We use an “in-motion” technique, which means we constantly move the head of the laser across the skin, so the skin never gets too hot. The Cryo Sheer Aqua efficient cooling system of the device makes the process of hair removal comfortable & pain free.

Cryo Sheer Aqua was designed for the for permanent hair removal on the face and body, but can also be used for Skin rejuvenation.


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