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What is Plasma?

Plasma is one of the 4 fundamental states of matter (together with solid, liquid, and gas).

It consists of a gas of unbound ions and free electrons.

Plasma can be artificially generated by heating a neutral gas, or by subjecting it to a strong electromagnetic field.

Atmospheric Cold Plasma

Dr Platon employs the Plasma Shower technology to transform the main gases in the air between the device tip and the patient’s skin – mainly Oxygen and Nitrogen – to atmospheric, cold (non-thermal) plasma.

This is unlike:

  • Hot (ablative) plasma, which is used for skin regeneration
    and resurfacing.
  • Non-atmospheric plasma (e.g., Argon plasma), which is
    effective for skin sterilization and epidermis regeneration,
    but not for all other indications of cold atmospheric plasma.

Atmospheric Cold Plasma

Cold (non-thermal) atmospheric plasma reaches a temperature of 35-40 °C and is safe to touch!

The cold plasma treatments by Dr Platon cause no pain or discomfort.

Cold plasma has

no ablation effect, and therefore requires no downtime!


Impact of Atmospheric Plasma on the Skin


Sooths irritated Skin – Oxidative Stress reduces the negative effect of chronic skin diseases

Acne Treatment -Atomic Oxygen inhibits the anaerobic petogen bacteria found in acne

Skin Brightening -Atomic Oxygen oxygenates the melanin in epidermal skin stains

Fights Inflammation -Nitric Oxide has an Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal, Anti- bacterial  effect

Cell Renewal -High energy causes division of basal cells – Epidermis regeneration



The electrical voltage between the freely charged particles in plasma:

  • Causes the cell membranes to disintegrate
  • Accelerates self-destruction of inflammatory and damaged skin cells
  • Kills bacteria and fungi, by breaking their molecular structure

These processes result in a “disinfection” effect.


  • Nitric Oxide in the atmospheric plasma has an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterialand anti-fungal effect
  • The inflammation healing processes stimulates skin rejuvenation, including formation of new blood vessels



For patients with oily skin and acne (including adult acne, papules and pustules):

  • Atomic Oxygen inhibits P. acne bacteria
  • Nitric oxide quickly reduces skin inflammation
  • Oxidative stress sooths the skin

Cold plasma also prevents acne reoccurrence, by balancing skin functioning and sebum production

Skin Brightening

  • Atomic oxygen in atmospheric plasma has a whitening effect – It oxygenatesthe melanin in epidermal skin stains
  • Cold plasma is especially effective for skin stains under which an inflammatory process takes place.

By reducing the inflammation, the plasma also reduces the level of hemoglobin around the skin stain, thus reduces blemishes

Problematic & Irritated Skin

The oxidative stress of cold plasma has an antioxidant impact on the skin immune system.

It reduces the damaging effect of chronic skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and seborrhea, which manifest in an inflamed, irritated, dehydrated, and rough skin.

Skin Regeneration

(Anti Aging + Healing Wounds)

The high-energy of plasma stimulates cellular activity, and has a powerful skin rejuvenation impact:

  • Triggers division of the basal cells – Stimulates epidermal regeneration
  • Boosts production of new collagen
  • Strengthens the skin immune system and the epidermal barrier


Improving Absorption of Therapeutic Substances

The electrical energy of the plasma temporarily breaks the cell adhesion molecules (CAMs).

This increases epidermal permeability, allowing effective insertion of active substances into the skin.

Research shows that plasma treatments improve skin absorption of cosmetic substances, in the first 12 hours after treatment, by ~24%.


Unique Advantages of Dr Platon

The unique advantages of Dr. Platon, compared to other cold plasma devices that are available in the market:

  • Dr Platon has a powerful cold plasma output(7,200~8,800Vp-p), as opposed to many devices for home (or professional/ home) use.
  • The Dr Platon plasma pen has a direct power supply – No need to recharge after each treatment and to wait until the device can be used again.
  • The Dr Platon ceramic plasma tips guarantee optimal conductivityof the plasma into patients’ skin, as opposed to the plastic/ glass tips of competing devices.
  • The Dr Platon ceramic plasma tips are much safer than the metal tips of other devices, which might create plasma sparks that harm the skin.
  • 3 interchangeable plasma tips allow the Dr Platon users to easily reach narrow facial areas on the one hand, and efficiently cover broad skin areas on the other hand.
  • In most plasma devices, each plasma tip has a fixed plasma intensity set for it. Dr Platon allows users to flexibly set the plasma intensity for each plasma tip, to adjust treatment to the individual patient sensitivity and therapeutic goals.

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