Cryo Sheer Aqua

Why do we prefer laser and specifically why Cryo Sheer Aqua? Laser works by using a direct light beam which goes straight into the hair follicle, this means there is much less chance of burning the skin, it is far more efficient and if we use the Cryo Sheer Aqua, it is virtually pain-free. The Cryo Sheer Aqua Diode Laser combines three Wavelengths, 755 Alexandrite, 808 Wavelength & Yag 1064 all in one handpiece, with Sapphire contact cooling, which cools the dermis ensuring a pain-free treatment.

The Cryo Sheer is brilliant as it is so comfortable. It cools the skin gradually, minimising the risk of burning, it is one of the safest lasers in the world. We use an “in-motion” technique, which means we constantly move the head of the laser across the skin, so the skin never gets too hot. The Cryo Sheer also has the “ice Tip” which is used to cool the skin, making Cryo Sheer Aqua a comfortable, pain free treatment.


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